Cantina Storica di Montù Beccaria s.r.l.
Via Marconi 10  –  Montù Beccaria (Pv)  –  Italy

tel. +39 0385 262252  –  fax +39 0385 262942

Would you like to learn how our wines are made? It will be our pleasure to have you visiting our vineyards, the winery and the grapperia; you will be headed through the rows of vines, the fermentation area, the barrels room, the pupitres room, the pot still hall, the bottling line and finally you will experience a tasting session inside 4 large barrels; and if you are hungry at the end of the visit just make few steps and enjoy the local food at the restaurant “La Locanda dei Beccaria” hosted in the building of the winery.
And all around the beauty of Oltrepò Pavese hilly region.
You can book a visit for a up to 80 people group.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or mail.

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